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I realize that I have yet to put up anything regarding math. The main reason for that is that it is extremely difficult to find math-related pages (good ones, anyway) on the web. Instead of having a page for each grade, I am going to put up some general sites that will be helpful to math students in general. If you know of a page that would be useful, please e-mail me and I'll add it. Thanks!

A+ MathHighly Recommended

A wonderful site for any math students. An attractive site avaliable in frames and without frames. Includes a game room, advanced questions, and a homework helper. Be warned that some of the flashcards are JAVA based which means that you need higher versions of explorer or netscape to run them.

Algebra On-line

Includes an on-line chat, message board, and a place for personal help (you can write to a tutor via e-mail who will respond in 24-48 hours). This address is available for any area of math, from basic to calculus.

UCF Casio

A wonderful page designed by the University of Central Florida. This page has links for teachers as well as students. Most of the page deals with hardware such as graphing calculators and digital cameras. A very good site if you are trying to incorporate technology into your math lesson.

Mathematics with Alice

An interesting tour through math with Lewis Carrol's Alice. Rated a safe surf for kids, this site is an interesting one that should not be overlooked.

Interactive Mathematics On-line

This is a very descriptive site. Basicall includes algebra and geometry though there are a few other resources that might be worth looking into. Includes proofs, definitions, and graphics to help explain some concepts. I would suggest this site for high school mathematics.


This is an interesting site full of useful information. It can be a bit overwhelming at first so make sure you have plenty of time to sit down and sift through everything. Most of the information requires Adobe Acrobat.

3D Vectors

This is a very nice site for upper math grades. Paul has done a wonderful job explaining vectors on his page.

Geometry Forum- Geometry through Art

A site mostly for teachers- lesson plans and activities for teaching geometry through art.

Totally Tessellated

A really cool page- you have to visit to fully appreciate this page. Wonderful graphics!

Math Forum- Geometry resources

Several links to sites for both teachers and students on the subject of Geometry.