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After much surfing I decided that this page was just necessary. It's a page with a lot of neat links. I didn't put them into subject areas because I think that they could span several subjects. They also aren't grade specific because they often cover more than one grade level's SOLs. You could use them as an assignment or for your students once they have finished their assignment on the Internet. I'm also going to include sites that I have come across while surfing, but haven't placed with an SOL.

This site has a lot of *free* expiditions that your students can look through. The amount of information is amazing and very well organized.

A Pocket Full of Rhymes

These are cute little rhymes, but some are too hard for little ones. Browse and judge for yourself.

Mrs. Silverman's Second Grade Class

This is such a wonderful example of how to put your classroom on-line. I loved searching this site and reading everything even though it wasn't my grade level.

Make your own Word Search Puzzle

This is a nice site because you can save your word search on their site for about a month.

Mr. Guch's Cavalcade o'Chemistry

This is a really cool Chemistry site. I wish Chemistry had been that interesting when I was in school.


This is a cool site that a fourth grade class created. My K/1 kids really loved looking at the pictures. Older students will enjoy the riddles!

The Audrey Wood Clubhouse

This is the site for Audrey Wood. The interesting thing about the home page is that you can select a PC site or a Mac site.

The Virtual Rainforest

This is another rainforest site created by students. These sixth graders put together a wonderful collection of information!

Animals of the Rainforest

This site is definitely for older students. The site has some wonderful pictures if you want to go searching with younger students. I would recommend previewing the pages before you take your class on a visit.