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After 3:30pm I'm ready to head home. Since my fiance' works an hour away, I'm usually the one who makes dinner (though he does the cleaning up:). I've found a couple of sites that have been really helpful in locating new recipes when I need something easy and new at the end of a long, hard day. I hope you find them useful too!

This is a great site! has been a lifesaver when I'm tired of the same-old, same-old. All of the recipes are in categories and you can put your favorites into your own recipe box. is great for chicken lovers! There are some very tasty and unique recipes here. My favorite is Valley Chicken which I also make using pork. Yum!

If you love spicy food then you should take a look at The Creole and Cajun Recipe Page! Though I haven't used too many pages from this site, the ones that I have used were excellent. is a great place to visit if you're looking for a healthy recipe. They also have a kid's corner that's full of healthy snacks for our little ones.

Florida Keys Key Lime Products isn't just about recipes. It has many food items that you can purchase on-line or via the phone.

This has got to be one of the neatest sites I have seen in a while. The Homesick Gourmet is a site dedicated to helping you find those foods you loved from back home. Many of my friends who are not from the area, but brought recipes from home have found those special ingredients through this site.

Nellie and Joe's has the Key Lime juice that you usually find in stores. They also have several wonderful sauces that make a tasty meal with little preparation.

Low-fat Lifestyle Forum contains many recipes and suggestions for living a healthy lifestyle.

For those of you who enjoy southern food, Southern Recipes is the perfect site.

Raspberry season comes right before school starts here in Virginia. Raspberry World is one of my favorite sites to visit during berry season. It also has other recipes that don't involve berries.

The Berry Patch is another wonderful site full of wonderful berry recipes.