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Since I started teaching, I have been searching everywhere for good resources to use in my classroom. Though the local teacher resource store has many wonderful items, ordering through them can be a time consuming process(some orders have taken as long as 2 and a half months to come in!). I have found many on-line resources that are the same ones that you would find in stores, but can be shipped right to your home or school. I have found this method a life saver when I'm searching for a new way to present something to my students.

For those of you who feel comfortable shopping on-line, have a great time! For those of you who are uncomfortable with shopping on-line, browse and write down item numbers. I've done this many times! The store near me loves it when I come in with a list of numbers rather than searching through catalogs there and making a mess!

Carson Dellosa is a well-known teacher resource catalog. I love teaching with their homework books and several of my parents have purchased them for their children to use at home. is my favorite site! The prices are almost always better than what I can find in local stores and they have a great selection.

Creative Teaching Press is another wonderful resource. They have some really cute things and my students love reading their books!

Evan Moor is a great site for most anything. I use the spelling book with my first graders and the Read and Understand stories with both K and 1.

Frank Schaffer is another resource site that's been around awhile and has many great reproducable books.

Scholastic has a great site for both teachers and parents. I encourage my parents who surf the web to check it out.

The Mailbox has become one of my favorite sites. I love their monthly reproducable books and Teacher's Helpers! This magazine came in the mail! The say they have the lowest prices. They sell supplies like paint and paper. Definitely worth a look!