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SOL Introduction

This project was invented by Dr. E. Barber of Lynchburg College. I, Barbara Geier, am completing the immense task of finding a web site for ever history, english, math and science SOL for the commonwealth of Virginia.

I have always been an avid fan of using the Internet in the classroom. Unfortunately, it is often dangerous to allow students to surf the net because of the excessive amount of unwanted information. Regardless of the safeguards that educators may try to implement, some student will always be able to find a way around them. Many schools do, however, allow students to access specific sites. This leaves the educator to search the net for a useful and relevant site. The High School Science SOLs alone took me a good twelve hourse to complete. Most educators simply do not have enough time to sift through all that is on the Internet to find what they are looking for.

My project is an attempt to simplify life, at least for some educators. I have taken the time to review many different sites and choosen the one(s) that I believe will best benifit both the educator and the student.

I have found many of my sites by using various search engines. Excite, Lycos, and Yahoo are among my favorites because they are generally better organized and pull up the sites that are most relevant to your search. I also tend to search government agencies, newspapers, and teacher resource pages.

Because of the difficulty in locating web pages for certain SOLs, I have chosen not to locate a web site for the first one of two SOLs for each subject. These SOLs usually pertain to something to the students will be able to do (IE. analyze and interpret data, demonstrate certain skills, and conduct investigations). When the SOL pertained to a fact or idea that the student could learn, I made every attempt to find a web site.

Since this project is very large, it is not presently complete. This project will probably not be completed until the Spring of 1998 and even then there will still be more work. Web sites are constantly changing. Anyone who wishes to use the sites I have found should be warned that they may not always work. Servers change URLs, people discontinue their pages, page content could change and become irrelevant. Users of this resource should expect such difficulties. Many reliable sources will be there for quite some time. If, for some reason, the site you are looking for is gone, please contact me. Then try a search engine. There's more than you could ever imagine waiting to be found.

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