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Thanksgiving links

This list is not in any particular order. As always, teachers should view these sites before sending students to them to ensure that the material is appropriate and that the page still exists.

A Season of Thanksgiving in Fresno

All About Thanksgiving

America's Homepage: Plymouth, Mass.

General Society of Mayflower Descendants

First Thanksgiving Proclamation

Lincoln 1863 Thanksgiving Proclamation

An American Thanksgiving for Kids and Families

Orange County Mayflower Colony

Plimouth Plantation


Plymouth History- Massasoit

Plymouth Rock Foundation

Plymouth's Annual Thanksgiving Stroll

Stormfax Thanksgiving Weather & History


Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Greeting

Thanksgiving on the Net

Thanksgiving on the Web

Thanksgiving Write-a-Story Contest


The Alden Museum and Kindred Home Page

The Mayflower Web Pages

The Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum


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